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What is Convertkit

Convertkit is an email marketing tool that enables you to grow your audience, connect with your subscribers, send broadcast emails to your complete list, and send automated and multiple emails on autopilot and convert your subscribers to buyers. I have been using Convertkit since 2020 and I was able to make ₦10,000,000 in revenue from it! In this post, I will show you exactly what I did in order to achieve that!

Start With Convertkit For Free

What I love about convertkit is that you can start for free! It’s interesting because that gives you the opportunity to grow your email list and get used to the interface of convertkit. If you want to learn from scratch how to work with convertkit, you can watch this tutorial !

Convertkit sign up

You can have up to 1,000 subscribers in your Convertkit account without paying one single dime or even leaving your credit card details. So hear me now, there’s absolutely no risk!

I have to say that the free version is limited in comparison with the pro version. With the free version, you can upgrade.

  1. Create opt form
  2. Get 1,000 subscribers
  3. Send broadcast emails

For a free tool that is amazing! When you like the service and you get more than 1,000 subscribers you can upgrade.

Converkit Pricing

Before we talk about all the features the pro version contains, let’s talk about pricing! There are 2 Pro plans and the price is determined by the number of subscribers you have on your list.

Convertkit pricing

The Creator Plan | Starting at $29 per month

With the creator plan, you have all the functionalities in order to automate and grow your email list. The difference from the free plan is that you can send automated sequences. That is a great way to monetize your list on autopilot and at the same time help your subscribers. The $29 per month is for a maximum of 1,000 subscribers. This amount is applied when you decide to pay per month. When you pay per year you get 2 months for free. When you grow bigger you will automatically be charged with the new pricing.

Here’s an overview of the pricing plans when you get the creator Plan:

Amount Of SubscribersPrice Per Month

Over here you can see all the Plans and Pricing

Convertkit Creator Pro Plan | Starts at $59 per month

When you go for the creator pro plan at convertkit you will be able to create custom Facebook Audiences, Make use of the referral system, and subscriber scoring and have access to advanced reports. This is for people that make use of Facebook Ads. All these features will be discussed in this review

Which Convertkit Plan Is Best For You?

When you don’t want to start with automated sequences ( that means that you will send automated emails a few hours, or days after someone subscribes) you can start with the free plan. When you grow over 1,000 subscribers or want to make use of automated sequences, you can upgrade to the Pro plan. I personally use the Pro plan and I really love it! So let’s talk about how you can get started and what is possible with convertkit.


I think Convertkit is a great tool to use in order to build an email list, help people on autopilot and make a lot of money at the same time. It is easy to use, you can start for free, and when you go with the Pro Plan there are a ton of ways to earn back the money on your plans

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